Discounted Offsite Testing and Tagging from $58

Operates every 1st Wednesday of the month

Have less than 20 items to be tagged?
Save money and bring your appliances and devices to us for discounted testing and tagging.

Save Money.
Bring your appliances and devices to us for testing and tagging.

We offer professional offsite testing and tagging at our Wetherill Park facility in Sydney where you can bring your own portable devices and appliances, and get them tested and tagged at a much more competitive rate than a mobile service.

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We offer professional offsite testing and tagging at our Wetherill Park facility in Sydney where you can bring your own portable devices and appliances, and get them tested and tagged from as little as $58 + GST.

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(exc GST)

1-5 Tags


15 minute session

6-10 Tags


25 minute session

11-15 Tags


35 minute session

16-19 Tags


45 minute session

Have more than 20 items to be tagged?

Consider our mobile test and tag service for Sydney - prices start from $275 for 20 tags. Or, you can book multiple sessions at our facility.

Additional Charges

The following items attract an additional charge (Exc GST):

  • 15Amp device = +$10 per tag
  • Portable RCD = +$15 per tag
  • plug replacement = $14 each
  • 3 phase = +$19 per tag
  • Devices with IEC leads are treated as two devices and tagged separately

How Does it Work?

  • 01

    Check Our Calendar for a Suitable Day

    Take a look at the monthly calendar below and find the day most suitable for you to bring your portable equipment over to us for testing.

  • 02

    Contact Us to Book a Time Slot

    Email us or call us to book an available time slot that works best for you. Also, let us know what equipment you are bringing in for testing.

  • 02

    Get A Booking Confirmation & Pricing

    We’ll contact you via email or phone to confirm your booking time and pricing.

  • 02

    Accept Booking

    if you’re happy with the time and pricing, respond with your acceptance of the booking. Booking slots are held for 24 hours, if you don’t respond within this time your booking will be forfeited.

  • 03

    Bring Your Equipment to our Facility

    At your scheduled appointment time, bring your equipment over to our Wetherill Park facility. There is ample parking available.

  • 04

    We Test and Tag Your Equipment

    We will test and tag all of your equipment during your booking window and let you know if anything fails the test, providing you with detailed reports.

  • 04

    Pay on the Day

    Once we’ve tested and tagged your equipment and provided your report & invoice you can pay us via credit/debit card or cash.

Equipment and Devices We Can Test

At Precision Test and Tag, we provide electrical testing and tagging for all types of electrical devices and equipment. You can bring any portable appliance, tool or device to us for testing like vacuums, extension leads, power and hand tools, laptops and monitors.

POWER TOOLS Precicion Test and Tag

Power Tools

Hand tools like drills, angle grinders, dust extractors and sanders can be tested for functionality and damage to maximise safety during operation.

Portable Computers

We test all types of portable computers and associated wiring like monitors, laptops, cables and chargers for any signs of electrical damage.

air compressor

Portable Machines

We can test all kinds of business machinery that can be brought to our facility, including generators, air compressors, cutting machines and more.

commercial vacuum

Portable Appliances

Appliances like microwaves, vacuums and coffee machines can easily be tested at our facility to make sure they comply with relevant safety standards.

Why Choose Precision Tag and Test for Offsite Equipment Testing?

Precision Test and Tag offers discounted testing and tagging for businesses in Sydney once a month at our Wetherill Park facility. Bring your equipment to us during your scheduled time slot and we will conduct a full test and tag.

Wide Range of Offsite Test and Tag Services

Our offsite test and tag services include physical inspections, continuity tests, functionality checks, leakage tests, circuit tests, insulation checks, electrical defect checks, cord defects and more.

Compliance with AS/NZS 3760

Our accredited technicians are experienced at working with businesses in different industries. We know what to look for to help you stay compliant with AS/NZS 3760.

Detailed Communication

We pride ourselves on the level of detail we offer our customers, taking the time to explain to you what you need and providing you with clear communication to help resolve any issues you have.