Electrical Test and Tag Sydney

Reliable electrical equipment test and tag services in Sydney

Compliance with the Australian Standard

Our services help your workplace comply with AS/NZS3760 testing and tagging guidelines, ensuring that all your electrical appliances and machines are safe to use for employees and customers.

Advanced Testing

We use the most advanced testing technology in the test and tag industry. This ensures complete accuracy when providing testing and tagging services for your electrical items and equipment.

Accredited and Qualified

We are accredited and qualified in courses UEENEEP026A (Conduct In-Service Safety Testing) and UEENEEE101A (Apply Occupational Health and Safety Regulations).

Sydney Test and Tag Services

Precision Test and Tag has provided services for thousands of industrial and commercial businesses across Sydney for close to a decade. We are qualified, licensed and experienced to do a quality visual inspection job and ensure a safe environment for your workplace, every time.

Our electrical test and tag experts in Sydney can help you stay compliant with relevant standards for your equipment and appliances, including AS/NZS 3760 for electrical devices, AS 1851 for fire extinguishers, AS/NZS 2293 for emergency lighting and AS/NZS 60335.2.25 for microwaves.

Discounted Offsite Test and Tag Service

Precision Test and Tag offers discounted offsite testing and tagging services at our facility in Wetherill Park once a month, allowing you to bring your portable appliances over to us to benefit from discounted prices.

This specialised portable appliance tester service is the ideal option if you have a small number of tags, and want to get the best value for your appliance testing. All you have to do is make a booking for an available slot and visit us on the day of your scheduled appointment.

To know more about the professional services our technicians offer in the Sydney test and tag industry or to make a booking, contact us and one of our friendly team members will connect with you. `

Our Full Testing and Tagging Services

Our technicians can test and tag appliances ranging from microwaves to emergency lights. Our electrical appliance testing services in Sydney extend to:


Our microwave testing services include testing for radiation leaks, poor door seals, faulty components and basic wear.


We can test your PC, Mac monitors, printers and other peripheral appliances for electrical safety and compliance.

Emergency Lights

We can test emergency lights every 6 months for Sydney businesses in compliance with AS/NZS 2293 to ensure safety and compliance. 

FIRE EXTINGUISHER Precicion Test and Tag

Fire Extinguishers

We comply with AS 1851 to test fire extinguishers and ensure they are charged, refilled and operate safely.

POWER TOOLS Precicion Test and Tag

Power Tools

Our services extend to testing power tools for electrical defects to make sure they are safe for use at all times.



We test portable RCDs to ensure they are safe, preventing electrical shocks and accidents in your workplace.

Electrical Outlets

Our services include testing all plugs, safety switches and electrical outlets for damage to maximise workplace safety.

3-Phase Devices

We test 3-phase equipment for safety and functionality safe to prevent any electrical accidents.

Precision Test and Tag

Thermal Imaging

We use thermal imaging to identify electrical issues not visible to the naked eye, preventing breakdowns and reducing costs.

Why Choose Our Test and Tag Sydney Services?

Operating across Sydney since 2013, Precision Test and Tag uses the most advanced electrical appliance testing technology in the industry. With plenty of experience under our belts across an array of businesses, our skilled team offers Sydney test and tag services that are safe, effective and efficient for your commercial site. Some of our services include thermal imaging, microwave testing, electrical appliance testing, emergency light testing and more.


Experienced and Insured Team

Our licensed and insured professionals have years of experience in providing test and tag Sydney services for electrical appliances.


All Types of Electrical Appliances

From microwave testing to electrical appliance testing, power tools, emergency lights and more, our services cover all electrical appliances.


Compliance with Regulations

We make sure electrical appliance testing complies with AS/NZS 3760, making sure your workplace reduces risk and remains compliant with all your legal obligations, giving you peace of mind.


Low-Cost Offsite Test and Tag Service

If you bring your portable electrical appliances to our Sydney test facility, we offer discounted offsite testing services that have proven popular with many businesses.


Clear and Detailed Communication

We are thorough in our approach and take the time to explain the complete process in detail, giving you the information you need to resolve any queries you have regarding the services you need for your company.


Scheduled Due Date Reminders

To help your company stay compliant with all industry testing and tagging regulations, we offer scheduled reminder services to let you know when your next test date is due.

Areas We Service

Precision Test and Tag provides testing and tagging services for different types of businesses across Sydney. Whether you are based on the Northern Beaches, Central Coast or South West Sydney, we have one of the most trusted teams in the industry who will do a great job.

Sydney CBD

North Shore

Northern Beaches

South East Sydney

Inner West

Eastern Suburbs

Sutherland Shire

Hills Shire

South West Sydney

Western Sydney

Blue Mountains

Central Coast

Our Sydney Test and Tag Process

Precision Test and Tag follows a streamlined process, making sure all your electrical equipment and appliances are properly tested and tagged according to regulations. Contact us to find out more about our test and tag services in Sydney.

  • 01

    Arrive at Your Site

    We will arrive at your business or industrial site on the specific date and time of our scheduled appointment to start testing.

  • 02

    Test Your Equipment

    We test all types of equipment to a high Australian standard, including 10 amp, 15 amp, 20 amp, 3-phase, portable RCDs, microwaves and plugs using advanced testing devices.

  • 03

    Comprehensive Checks

    Our technicians perform a visual inspection and check for physical damage, functionality issues, earth circuit risks, defects, inner cord damage, tripping risks and more.

  • 04

    Durable Test Tags

    We use industrial-strength tags that are durable and come with superior tear resistance, thus minimising the risk of premature damage.

  • 05

    Compliance Certificate

    Once our testing services are complete and comply with all relevant Australian Standards, we will issue your business with a compliance certificate.

  • 06

    Detailed Records and Due Dates

    We store detailed test records along with due dates to track the status of your electrical devices. We'll also send timely reminders so you know when your next testing is due. 

Why Get Equipment Tested and Tagged?

Appliance testing and tagging may be mandated for a range of businesses and commercial properties. As an employer, you can comply with regulator requirements to ensure your workplace and staff are safe.

Close-up Of Male Technician Writing On Clipboard In Front Of Fusebox

Comply with Legal Requirements

Business equipment like electrical devices, fire extinguishers and emergency lights are regulated under AS/NZS 3760, AS 1851 and AS/NZS 2293 respectively. Following testing and tagging guidelines helps employers comply with relevant Australian Standards to avoid fines or criminal charges.

Reduce Compensation and Insurance costs

Regular testing and tagging of company equipment reduce the risk of any major workplace accidents, thus helping you reduce any compensation claims from injured employees. Being regarded as a responsible and safety-focussed business owner also helps keep your insurance premiums and costs low, and gives you complete peace of mind.

Reduce Compensation and Insurance costs
Reduce Personal and Business liability

Reduce Personal and Business liability

Section 27 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 may hold management and directors personally liable for employee safety. Supporting a safe work environment can prevent possible personal liability claims while also reducing any property damage liability in the future.

Want to make a booking for our testing services? Contact Precision Test and Tag, one of Sydney's most reliable test and tag professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular testing for electrical appliances and powered machinery by qualified technicians is required under AS/NZS 3760 if they can cause injury or death due to poor maintenance. Failure to do so may result in criminal charges and hefty fines. Our electrical testing and tag Sydney services can provide peace of mind and offer the assurance that all safety checks have been completed by professional technicians. We also offer discounted portable appliance tester services, ensuring all your devices are tested to the highest Australian standard for safety if you choose to visit our facility.