Thermal Imaging Inspections

Identifies Potential Failure Early to Save Costs

We use thermal imaging technology to detect serious faults before they develop, reducing equipment breakdown costs and the risk of system failures.

Prevents Safety Hazards in the Workplace

We can help you prevent safety hazards like fires in the workplace, using thermal imaging to detect issues with electrical equipment.

Ensures Compliance with the Electrical Safety Act 2002

We use thermal imaging to check the integrity of electrical equipment, which can also help you comply with the Electrical Safety Act 2002.

Dangers of Electrical or Component Faults in the Workplace

Electrical faults have the potential to cause serious injuries. Precision Test and Tag uses thermal imaging equipment to inspect electrical devices, identifying signs of overheating, irregularities and other faults that can be dangerous.

Electrical Fires and Explosions

Faulty electrical components could short circuit or blow up, causing electrical fires and explosions that can damage your premises and injure occupants.


Electrical Shocks

Overheating, short-circuiting or arcing can lead to electric shocks, which can compromise safety and cause injuries or possibly even death.

Precision Tag and Test for Offsite Equipment Testing

Damage to Business Equipment

If faults are left unchecked for an extended period of time, they can damage business equipment and may be costly to repair.

How Does Thermal Imaging Work?

Excessive electrical loads and phase imbalances can lead to system failure over time. In many instances, deterioration is not visibly apparent and cannot always be identified through conventional checks.

Thermal imaging uses infrared technology and is often able to spot these faults before they occur. It is typically used as a diagnostic tool, identifying potential equipment and component failure and loading irregularities.

At Precision Test and Tag, we use advanced thermal imaging technology and follow the latest procedures to help you manage risk and compliance and improve performance.

Why Use Precision Test and Tag?

Precision Test and Tag is an electrical test and tag specialist based in Wetherill Park, catering to the needs of businesses Sydney-wide.

We Use the Latest Infrared Technology to Reduce Downtime

Businesses cannot afford any compromises on their productivity. We use advanced infrared thermal imaging technology to minimise the risk of equipment failure and blackouts during operation.

Scheduled Due We Can Test and Tag Different Types of Business Equipment Date Reminders

We provide a range of testing services including fire extinguisher testing, emergency light testing, electrical equipment testing, microwave testing, 3-phase testing, RCD testing and more.

We Can Help you Keep Staff and Customers Safe

An undetected electrical failure can be devastating if it leads to a fire or explosion on your business premises. We can diagnose electrical faults ahead of time to help keep staff and customers safe.

We Provide Detailed Reports

Our reports are detailed and will give you an accurate picture of the status of your electrical components so that you can get faults fixed quickly before they result in any damage.

We Can Help You Save Costs

Our thermal imager identifies faults early, helping you reduce unexpected repairs. You'll likely only replace the faulty components instead of the whole system, saving major costs in the long term.

We Pride Ourselves on Clear, Honest Communication

We are thorough in our approach and take the time to explain the whole process in detail, giving you the information you need to resolve any issues you face.