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If you own a commercial business in Australia, it is important for you to maintain electrical safety and that includes the installation of RCD Safety Switches. But, it doesn’t stop there. Once RCDs are installed, it is also necessary to test them periodically to ensure that they are working optimally. We, at Test & Tag, can help you with that.

The Basics Of RCDs

RCDs or residual current devices are installations that keep a business safe by turning off its power supply for the problematic circuit. It also serves other purposes like maintaining the same electricity flow into and out of the circuit and it prevents conditions that could lead to current overload and a fire breakout.

Buildings need to have circuit breakers, which are linked to a fuse box within the building. They are connected to a fuse or a breaker and they prevent power overload and other common short circuits that can cause harm to your business, employees and customers. They are also available as combination breakers, which consist of a circuit breaker and another form of residual current devices.

As mentioned earlier, RCDs track and maintain the electricity flow as it flows into a building from the main switchboard. It there is any imbalance in the circuit, the device will be triggered and shut down the power supply to prevent electrocution and severe injury. Buildings are required to have two RCDs so the circuits could be evenly divided so unaffected lights and power outlets can still function even if one device cuts power supply to others.

RCD Testing: What You Should Know

RCD Testing is expected to be conducted every quarter. The tests should be properly documented so buildings remain compliant to the rule implemented in Australia. New buildings in Australia, which have been constructed after 2000, must have two RCDs as stated in building regulations. Buildings without it cannot be rented or sold without these devices. For instance, before a homeowner can transfer the rights to a buyer, one must be able to show the needed documentation as evidence that the property has been fitted with RCDs. Meanwhile, real estate agents need to make sure sellers are aware of this rule before they put up their properties in the market. On the other hand, landlords are required to have these RCDs fitted before they can have their properties rented.

The installation of the switches should be completed by a licensed electrician. And who should you turn to but only Test & Tag. Our experts have undergone the needed education and training before securing the license and the right for them to be called a licensed electrician.

Apart from RCD Testing, Test & Tag offers other electrical services and they are available for clients in various parts of Sydney. Get in touch with us now if you want to learn more about how we can help you. Our expert electricians are always on standby and ready to book you an appointment and answer any question that you may have in mind.