Sydney RCD Testing

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Qualified RCD Testing

Our RCD testing is completed by qualified RCD-test technicians as required by AS/NZS 3760, ensuring all devices on your premises are compliant. 

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Over 10 years of experience

We have over 10 years of extensive RCD testing experience across Sydney homes and businesses and will adhere to all industry standards without shortcuts.

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Sydney-wide RCD testing

Our Sydney-wide service means we can get to you no matter where you are based, from Penrith to Manly to Cronulla. 

All Types of RCD Testing

Push Button Test

The push button test is used to determine that the RCD is working and will trip in case of an earth leakage, which is created once the button is pushed. This imbalance will cause the RCD to trip and disconnect the circuit in order to ensure safety of people around. Push button tests are usually every 3 months for portable devices and every 6 months for fixed devices.

Operating Timed Test

The timed test must always be done by a professional test and tag specialist such as Precision Test and Tag in order to be compliant. During this test, the technician will test the RCD to measure trip time to ensure electricity is cut off at the right times. This precision instrument will record the readings and compare it to the AS/NZS 3760: 2010. If it does not meet the standard, then the RCD device will fail the test, indicating it requires repair or replacement. The result is then recorded and kept in our system as part of the compliance process.

Our RCD Testing Process


RCD Testing of All Applicable Devices

We test all relevant fixed and portable RCD devices on your premises using state-of-the-art PAT testing equipment that records all the required results.


Tagging and Replacement of Devices

If the device passes the test, the RCD is tagged noting the applicable date for retest. If the device doesn’t meet the requisite test time, it will fail and may need replacement, which is a service we can also provide. 


Recording Results

The readings are then recorded in our systems. We also provide advice on the regulations specific to your industry to ensure 100% compliance. 



We provide our clients with a detailed report of all devices tested and compliance/non-compliance and coverage period. 

RCD Testing for all types of facilities

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Office and Commercial Buildings 

Offices are generally considered low risk environments according to the Australian Standard with push button tests prescribed every 6 months and operating time tests every 2 years. 

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Industrial buildings

In factories, workshops, fabrication sites and similar environments that may be considered hostile in some instances, fixed RCDs need operating time testing every 12 months to remain compliant with regulations. 

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Strata Properties

For commercial and residential strata properties, AS/NZS 3760: 2010 recommends push button tests for fixed and portable devices every 6 months and operating time tests for fixed and portable devices every 2 years.

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Construction Sites

Inspection and testing for RCDs on construction sites must be tested by a competent and trained professional with push button tests for portable RCDs recommended daily or before use and for fixed RCDs every 6 months.

Why is RCD Testing Important?

Regular RCD testing can save lives – this is the basic precipice on which the industry standard is based. Here are some more reasons why RCD testing is important: 

Compliance with Australian Standards

Regular RCD testing complies with the AS/NZS 3760:2010 and AS/NZS 3012:2010, which ensures your business meets its duty of care in accordance with WHS guidelines. 

Insurance and Liability Protection 

The goal of RCD testing is to minimise the risk of an electrical fire or fault. This can help protect your business from insurance and liability claims and may also play a role in keeping your premiums in check. 

Reliable Operation 

RCD testing also ensures electrical devices work properly when you need it the most, minimising any interruptions to your equipment and processes. You can ensure maximum productivity from your staff and equipment.

What is an RCD?

RCDs are safety devices intended to shut off electrical supply when a leak is detected. It protects people from electrical shocks because it switches off electricity when a fault is detected. The RCD device consistently monitors the flow of electrical current and will switch off the circuit quickly if it detects electricity flowing down the wrong path. This life-saving device has become an integral part of business across NSW to keep workers and customers safe. 

Why Choose Precision Test and Tag

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Experienced and Qualified 

We are one of the most experienced test and tag specialists in Sydney. We can come to you or you can come to us and avail of a reliable, experience and qualified service for your business. 

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High Standard and Compliance 

We perform both push button and timed tests for fixed and portable devices at industry-prescribed intervals to ensure a high standard and compliance with all regulations. 

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Detailed Reporting

All tests are done by certified professionals and labelled in accordance with specifications. We also supply comprehensive test reports, which you can access during compliance audits. 

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Scheduled Reminders and Follow Ups 

We provide a scheduled reminder and follow up service so you are aware when your next tests are due, allowing you to remain compliant with regulatory timeframes and taking the hassle of remembering away from you. 

When to do RCD Testing 

Based on AS 3760: 2010, RCD testing may vary based on your industry. In lower risk environments such as offices and residential complexes, intervals may be slightly longer than higher risk environments such as factories, workshops and construction sites. 

At Precision Test and Tag, we adhere to all intervals dictated by the AS/NZS 3760:2010 based on your business needs. Some of our other services include microwave oven testing, fire extinguisher testing and emergency light testing. We are happy to come and inspect all your equipment and give you a no-obligation quote before starting the work. 

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What Happens if an RCD Fails the Test? 

Although these devices are made to last, sometimes they could become faulty. If an RCD fails the test, then it will be appropriately labelled. It must immediately be replaced as a matter of urgency to ensure it is safe once again. Common reasons why RCDs fail or trip include malfunctioning appliances, older wiring or faulty circuits. Getting your RCDs tested regularly is important to ensure your business remains compliant.

For a reliable and experienced RCD tester, contact Precision Test and Tag today.