Qualified Plug Replacement Service in Sydney

Replace broken electrical plugs to keep your electrical appliances and cables safe and compliant


Compliance with AS/NZS 3112

AS/NZS 3112 specifies the testing requirements for plugs and socket outlets to ensure they are accurately tested and reported to uphold high safety standards.


Licensed and Certified Technicians

We are licensed and certified to perform professional plug testing for all kinds of businesses throughout Sydney.


Same-Day Services at Competitive Prices

We can provide same-day services at some of the most competitive industry prices, providing accurate and reliable testing results.

Types of Devices We Can Replace Plugs For


A faulty plug on an appliance can be a safety hazard, potentially leading to electrical shocks or fires. Following the highest safety standards and guidelines of AS/NZS 3112, our technicians will inspect and replace your plugs to provide you with peace of mind.

Extension Cables

A malfunctioning or damaged plug can make it very dangerous for anyone in your business to use extension cables. Professional plug replacement will not only extend the life of these extension cables but also promote safe practices among your workers.


Powerboards are a necessary electrical addition for many businesses whether it is to power up multiple tools or computer equipment, which is why plugs must be regularly checked and maintained in the best possible condition to avoid mishaps such as electrical shocks and fires.

Our Services

At Precision Test and Tag, ​​we believe quality service should be accessible to everyone. Our plug replacement service is competitively priced, ensuring you get the best value for your money. Some of our services include:


Visual Inspection

We do a complete visual inspection of all components such as plugs and wires related to your electrical appliances. During our inspection, we check for signs of damage, wear and tear and ageing.


Plug and Cord Repairs

If any faults or issues are found during the testing process, our technician will repair the faulty components. Common repairs include fixing loose connections and removing any obstructing dirt.


Replacing Old or Damaged Plugs

When plugs are far beyond repair, replacement may be the only solution. Our technicians can replace faulty components or the entire plug depending on the extent of the problem.


Testing and Tagging

We provide a comprehensive testing and tagging service for all electrical appliances in compliance with AS/NZS3760 and any other applicable standard to that particular device or component.

How do plugs get damaged?

Plugs are used regularly and excessively in the case of some businesses. Like any used component, wear and tear is common. Frequent plugging and unplugging of the cord can cause the metal prongs to become loose or bent, making it difficult to maintain a safe and secure connection in the outlet.

Additional Services We Provide

Precision Test and Tag offers comprehensive test and tag services for different types of devices and business equipment, including:

Microwave testing

Emergency light testing

Thermal imaging

Fire extinguisher testing

RCD testing

Offsite testing and tagging

Electrical appliance testing

For All Your Plug Replacement Needs in Sydney, Contact Precision Test and Tag Today.