Emergency Lighting Testing

Test & Tag: The Company You Can Turn To For Emergency Lighting Testing

Putting up a business is not a walk in the park. Managing it and keeping it afloat is also not easy. The owner needs to be responsible enough to handle all aspects of the business and that includes ensuring the safety of not only the property, but also the employees and customers.

When it comes to electrical safety, one of the primary things that need to be routinely checked and maintained is the emergency lighting. We, at Test & Tag, can help you with that. We are the provider of electrical services that you can trust and turn to. We offer various services that will answer your electrical services to different areas in Sydney.

Emergency Light Testing

Emergency luminaries are required in every business. They will serve as a guide for employees and customers for their safe evacuation in cases of accidents or emergencies. It is one of the main reasons why it is extremely important for these lights to be checked and maintained regularly. It does not only reduce the risk of faulty lighting but it also helps secure the safety of your employees and clients in your workplace.

Emergency lights must go through a discharge test of the battery, which will last for 90 minutes. This must be conducted every six months as mandated by the Australian Standard AS2293.2. There are instances when the backup battery failed because of batteries becoming discharged. If lighting fails, you need to remember that this issue may not be addressed simply by replacing the backup battery.

What We Do?

Having your emergency lights regularly maintained is important. With the help of experts like us here at Test & Tag, the lighting tubes are guaranteed to be working accordingly. We will also make sure that the back-up battery will last long enough or all throughout the duration required by government standards. We will also provide you with a document that will outline the period checks that we will conduct on your emergency lights. We will also educate our clients to keep these documents as proof that the emergency lights in your business has been regularly checked.

We will send qualified, disciplined and highly skilled technicians to your premises to test and maintain your emergency lights. Our technicians have undergone the required training, accredited and certified to be called a professional in the industry, and possesses years of experience. Here, at Test & Tag, we provide quick response to the needs of our clients and we also deal with all of their needs with the same level of urgency. We conduct our emergency lighting tests with the least level of disruption possible. Our comprehensive tests as well as installations come with thorough documentation, which ensures a complete and legally verified compliance of building regulations.

For emergency light testing, contact Test & Tag immediately to receive all the information that you need from only the experts. We also offer other electrical services to different Sydney areas. We will gladly answer all your queries and book you an appointment as per your request.