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Test & Tag: Hire An Expert for Your Electric Plug Replacement Needs

Just like all other things in the market today, electrical outlets or receptacles will eventually show signs of wear and tear. Some exhibit these signs after nearly two decades while others display indications of damage a lot sooner than usual. Always remember that this aspect of your home almost always and how frequent you use them will determine how long they would last.

Homeowners and business men alike tend to ignore what they are plugging their appliances and various devices into. They would come to realize its importance once they encounter a problem. What should you do if you need plug replacement? You should call a licensed electrician from Test & Tag. Here are some of the most common signs that will require you to call a professional.

Ungrounded Electrical Outlets

Take a good look at your property. Check if some of your outlets are two-pronged or three-pronged. If this is the case, then your property might be grounded. Some face this predicament because of past attempts to fix the problem through amateur DIY. With the help of a licensed electrician from Test & Tag, we can help clients by determining if the two-pronged outlet is indeed grounded. If yes, then they will replace it with a three-pronged receptacle. Doing so will ensure safety against shock and prevents potential damage to your appliance.

Cracked Electrical Outlet

Signs of discoloration and cracks on electrical outlets also need the assistance of an expert electrician. These are signs of overheated connections. A licensed electrician from Test & Tag would inspect the outlets. They will then determine the cause and rectify the problem. In most cases, the outlets will be replaced to avoid the definite hazard presented by cracked outlets with exposed wires.

Plug Keeps On Falling Out From Outlet

This problem is a very common. Plugs fall out if the spring mechanism of the outlet was already worn out. It causes loose connections, which could lead to an electrical fire hazard.

Our Service

Here at Test & Tag, you are guaranteed to be assigned with licensed electricians. They have passed the necessary examinations, which tested their understanding of the electrical theory, local and state building regulations and other important lessons in the field.

They are also insured and that means our clients do not have to worry about being liable if in case the electrician gets hurt while performing the task or if the property has been damaged during the process. Hiring our experts will also guarantee that you will receive high quality services. You will also have the peace of mind that you do not have to pay for back jobs because our electricians will do the work perfectly the first time around.

If you wish to learn more about plug replacement, call us now. We will explain this service to you and the many other services that Test & Tag has to offer.

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