Fire Extinguisher Testing in Sydney

Compliance with Australian Standard 1851

We help your business comply with AS 1851, which requires all portable extinguishers in a commercial facility to be tested and serviced every 6 months.

Maintains Fire Protection in the Workplace

We carefully test and inspect fire extinguishers so they do their job of saving lives and property in case of a fire on your premises.

Testing and Tagging All Types of Fire Extinguishers

There are fire extinguishers for different situations, all of which are colour coded based on type. We test and tag all types for your business or building.

Why Regular Fire Extinguisher Testing is Important?

Common extinguisher contents include water, carbon dioxide, dry chemical powder, foam and wet chemicals for different fire risks. A test and tag professional usually tests them to make sure they are fully functional in a fire.

Keeps Building Occupants Safe

Keeps Building Occupants Safe

A properly tested fire extinguisher is functional at all times and reduces any major hazards by helping to put out fires as quickly as possible and keeping everyone in the building safe.

Fire Extinguisher Testing in Sydney

Identifies Potential Faults

During routine tests, faulty extinguishers can be identified so that you can remove and replace them. They need regular inspections and pressure testing when necessary to maintain their functionality.

Precision Test and Tag for Fire Extinguisher Testing

Helps You Meet Legal Obligations

AS 1851 requires all wheeled and portable fire extinguishers to be tested and serviced every six months. Any refills should ideally be done at least once in five years.

Our Fire Extinguisher Testing Services

According to AS 2444, workplaces should have at least one fire extinguisher in place. Larger workplaces may have several types of extinguishers for different fire risks. We can test all types of fire extinguishers in your business irrespective of their purpose.

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    Regular Inspection of Fire Extinguishers

    We help workplaces comply with AS 1851, under which testing is recommended every 6 months to check for issues with safety seals, tamper indicators and physical defects. Some areas may require attention every 1 and 5 years.

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    Pressure Testing and Refilling Fire Extinguishers

    Typically, fire extinguishers need to be refilled and pressure tested once every 5 years. They also need to be recharged in case the device has been discharged. We follow all guidelines to keep your business and employees safe from fire risks.

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    Detailed Reporting, Records and Reminders

    After the test, we will record the date and type of service, which will be updated on the maintenance tag of each fire extinguisher on your property. We can also send you timely reminders to help you stay compliant with AS 1851.

Why Choose Precision Test and Tag for Fire Extinguisher Testing?

We have completed numerous fire extinguisher tests across Sydney, providing outstanding service to hundreds of businesses over the years.

Engineer are checking and inspection a fire extinguishers tank in the fire control room for safety training and fire prevention.

Highly Trained Professionals

Our highly trained professionals have strong industry knowledge and experience to complete thorough tests of your fire extinguishers.

In-Depth Communication

We explain what our customers need and how long it will take in detail, providing plenty of information to help you resolve any concerns.

Precision Test and tag
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Testing Services for Multiple Needs

We provide testing for different needs including microwave testing, electrical equipment testing, 3-phase testing and offsite testing and tagging.