How much does testing and tagging cost?


Electrical testing and tagging is a mandatory safety procedure for Sydney businesses to ensure the safety of electrical appliances. According to the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulation 2017, employers and businesses must ensure safe and properly maintained electrical equipment, including regular testing for potential hazards. Testing and tagging for electrical devices must comply with AS/NZS 3760 and be conducted by a competent, accredited professional. But how much does it cost? This guide will provide an estimate to help you better understand the costs of testing and tagging in Sydney.

How much does testing and tagging cost in Sydney?
Expect to pay $4-$10 per device for testing and tagging in Sydney. The price depends on the number of devices to be tagged, as test and tag companies often provide bulk discounts. Also, there are typically minimum quantities to account for travel to your location. Some devices, like RCDs and three-phase devices, also cost more to test and tag. If you only have a few devices, offsite testing and tagging can help minimise costs.  

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Costs involved in testing and tagging 

Testing and tagging costs between $4 and $10 per device for onsite services in Sydney. Test and tag companies usually offer lower rates per device tagged for larger numbers of devices. This is because there are economies of scale in testing and travel, and testing companies must cover the cost of travel and initial set-up. 

Some providers may charge a call-out fee or have minimum pricing for smaller jobs. Consider getting quotes from multiple service providers to ensure competitive pricing while also considering the provider’s reputation and compliance with Australian standards.

For a small number of devices, the travel to and from the location takes longer than the actual testing, which is why the cost per tag for small numbers of devices is so high. If you’re getting 100+ devices tested and tagged, the cost per device is much lower. 

Some providers, like Precision Test and Tag, offer offsite testing and tagging. This means you can bring your devices into our facility to be tested and tagged on certain days for a lower cost per device. We have all of our equipment set up and don’t need to travel, as a result, we can get the testing and tagging done much faster, lowering the price we can offer per device. 

Factors influencing testing and tagging prices 

Type of equipment 

Some devices may require more specialised testing or longer inspection times. For example, RCD testing and three-phase devices usually cost more to test and tag.

Number of items to be tested 

Due to economies of scale, bulk testing can lower costs per device for testing and tagging. This is why planning the number of items to be tested beforehand is helpful. Having all your devices available to be tested and tagged at once can reduce the cost compared to multiple sessions. 


For small numbers of devices, the travel to and from the testing location often takes longer than the testing itself, this contributes to why bulk testing can reduce your costs, but also means that if you have a small number of devices to be tagged, and can transport them, then taking your device to a test and tag facility, like Precision Test and Tag can lower your costs.

How often is testing and tagging required?

The frequency of testing and tagging depends on where the devices are used. Some higher-risk industries require more frequent testing, while lower-risk environments may not need testing to be completed as frequently. For example, the construction and demolition industry requires testing of onsite equipment, portable RCDs, portable equipment, and flexible electrical cords every three months. 

Regular testing and tagging can help prevent electrical accidents, reduce equipment failure risk, and ensure compliance with workplace safety regulations.

Finding a reliable test and tag service provider

When it comes to electrical safety, it is crucial for businesses to regularly test and tag their electrical equipment. This not only ensures the safety of employees but also helps prevent potential electrical hazards and ensures compliance with regulations.

Hiring a professional and reliable testing and tagging company in Sydney such as Precision Test & Tag can help businesses save time and ensure thorough equipment testing. We have a stellar reputation in the industry for providing reliable, on-time services at competitive prices. 

Give us a call today to discuss your test and tag needs. 

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